Our mission is to deliver technically superior products that represent measurable value to Philippine markets. We aim to make our clients genuinely delighted with the high quality of our products and the speed, responsiveness, and expertise of our technical and sales service. We take pride in maximizing the return on investments of our customers with the use of our products unmatched by the competition.

We are able to do our increased work productivity thanks to the dedication of our empowered and rewarded employees, proud to call ASPS. Inc their employment home.


ASPS. Inc seeks to be recognized as the countrywide market leader in applying the most innovative advanced reinforced composite technologies for industrial challenges such as abrasion, chemical attack, erosion, and corrosion. We envision ourselves as a team of focused individuals devoting our time and energy mastering our market expertise to provide our customers with the highest level of product performance and service support.

We see ourselves not only communicating with customers regarding solutions to their industrial concerns but also discussing possible avenues for our clients to attain the highest return of investments with our products.

For over 20 years, ASPS, Inc. has provided solutions by focusing on ROI in using Chesterton ARC technology. The company may have started in 1997 but we actually carry decades worth of knowledge and experience in ARC Composites, thanks to our President and CEO who has worked with A.W. Chesterton for more than 40 years.

Myrna M. See

President and CEO

Myrna M. See's four-decades-long service with A.W. Chesterton is one story of dedication, commitment, loyalty, and exclusivity.

She graduated from Mapua Institute of Technology with a degree of BS Management and Industrial Engineering. Immediately after graduation, she joined the company that distributed Chesterton sealing devices in the Philippines back then as a striving technical sales specialist. To learn the ropes of the business and to understand the technology of the product she markets, she underwent various seminars both in Asia and the United States, specializing in providing solutions to different types of corrosion, chemical attack, abrasion, and erosion.

During her time in that establishment, she was regularly recognized for her distinguished achievements — The Millionaire's Award, Top Producer, Outstanding Specialist, Outstanding District Manager, Most Number of Invoices, and Highest Increase Against Last Year to name a few. She attends various hands-on trainings and seminars in different countries, and even conducts her own lectures regarding corrosion. As one of the pioneer members of Philippine Society of Corrosion Engineers in the Philippines, she has been invited as a speaker in the University of the Philippines and in other prestigious schools. Currently, she is a Safety Officer of BOSH/COSH and PCAB-AMO.

With diligence and hard work, she gradually climbed up the corporate ladder, being promoted several times up until she became Vice President of the company.

Soon after, the company's distributorship status was cancelled. Noticing Myrna being one of that company's trusted and loyal employees, Mr. Jim Chesterton then decided to hand over the distributorship of two Chesterton divisions to her. In 1997, Myrna then presided ADTECH Phils. Corp. and Advance Surface Protection Specialist, Inc. as the exclusive distributors of Chesterton Sealing Devices and Advanced Reinforced Composites in the Philippines respectively. Today, ADTECH & ASPS employ more than 50 staff and specialists. She has proven that a woman could also excel in a field mostly participated by men.

Aside from being a successful professional, Myrna is also a happy, contented mother of three. Her eldest son runs his own photography studio and is concurrently the corporate secretary of both ADTECH and ASPS. The second son, who owns a booming real estate business and provides repair services for bike enthusiasts, and the youngest child, who is a successful doctor, are managing directors of the two companies.

Myrna truly considers her family as her gem. But considering she has spent more than half of her life with Chesterton, she sees Chesterton not just a career but a passion. A second family.

About Chesterton ®


Chesterton has been providing value to the industry since 1884 and driven solutions around the globe, with documented success and recognition, by using high performance materials and designs to solve your toughest coating needs.

Chesterton ARC coatings provide superior performance against erosion, corrosion, abrasion, and chemical attack to both metal and concrete surfaces. You can rely on Chesterton’s low-VOC,100% solid, ARC protective linings to protect these surfaces in your industrial environment.

Chesterton ARC Industrial Coatings is a total solutions approach that responds to your organization’s needs no matter the location, scope or challenge of the application.